Black Friday harvest

For mysterious reasons, yesterday was my highest traffic day on this new platform. I didn’t even post anything yesterday.

But I will post today.

Chris was inspired by the art of the deal. He was lured and wooed by the black friday offerings–LESS THAN COST!!–and as a result, we now have a new TV. It’s flat, it’s huge and I barely know what to think of it.

We both put a lot of thought into the purchase, and in the end may not have purchased it, but that at the last minute Sears told us we didn’t have to go stand in line to get into their store for the doorbuster deal at 5 am. We could buy it online and then pick it up.

So. We did just that.

Naturally, the fabulous deal of a steal of a plasma TV was not available the day we bought it. It became available a week later. Which was yesterday. So we went and got it and installed it. And now we are going to have to watch all the DVDs we own all over again, becuase it’s all so new and exciting when the TV is almost as big as my piano.

We did put in Laurence of Arabia, to see how different it looked. Wow, it looked good.

The othet cool thing is, we can hook up my laptop to the screen and do a much better photo album showing. Chris enjoys showing his beautiful photographs to family and freinds, and now they will not have to crowd around the laptop.

Chris keeps checking for a better price, just to make sure that he did indeed find the bestest possible deal. So far, the closest prices have come is a hundred dollars more than he spent. So he is still king of shoppers.