Home: A wretched rambing post from a woman’s confinement

Well, I guess I know why they used to call it ‘confinement.’

I worked all the way through my  pregnancy–up until last week. Now I am at home waiting for the impending birth to strike me like a thief in the night. I was very uncomfortable at work, which I didn’t anticipate. I can see why I really do need to stay home.

But I don’t like being at home much either. The main advantage is that I get to lay down a lot.

There is a kind of list of all the things that hurt. Currently, I have a raging case of carpal tunnet. how ironic! Carpal tunnet sets in with a vengeance once I give up the desk job for laying around at home.  Turns out that some women get swollen ankles when they are pregnant, and some get swollen carpal tunnels that squeeze all feeling out of my right obscene finger particularly. And  which send big achey ouches up my forearms. While I’m sleeping. Which wakes me up. Practice for the sleep deprivation to come, everyone tells me.

I got some wrist braces, which stop the numbness and pain in my arms. That’s good. But it creates a still significant but slightly lesser pain at the base of my thumb. Well, it’s better than nothing.

I went to the library to get more books. Books are good to have at a time like this.  I thought i would take my own advice froma previous blogpost and get some more pulitzer prize winning books.

My town library SUCKS. I printed out the list of pulitzer winning books, and hobbled through the library looking for them. I swear, I only found about 3 of the dozen I looked for. If a library can’t even stock big prize-winning books..what are those librarians in charge of purchasing doing?

Books I have read recently:

  • Martian Chronicles by Bradbury
  • The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
  • A House Made of Dawn by Momaday

That last one was a pulitzer winner, and it annoyed me a little. It was very ‘different.’ I guess that it wanted to tell the story with as little dialogue or  revealing teh motivation of the characters as possible. The very last section finally made it worthwhile, and i guess I’m glad I read it. But you know…’experimental’ was not what I wanted.

I want a book I can dive into and swim around in. a nice long page turner.

Stupid library has devoted the entire perimeter of fiction section to mystery, western, sci fi, and probably romance. Let me just say, that I can enjoy such things, but not the kind that would get placed in the section devoted to them.Gah! Libraries!! lowest common denominator is all fine unless you are a prime number.

I need some prime books to read. They are getting harder to come by, AND they are often depressing.  Eh.

So, I still have A Death in the Family by Agee and The Yiddish Policemen’s Union to get through. Oh, wait. I picked up one by Silko..I read some of his short stories, and they were pretty good. I’ll start on that one first.

But today, I am recovering from a cold. So, I have to adjust my plans down even further. In addition to all the usual pregnancy woes, I have weakness and a little bit of a runny nose.

We plan on going to the hospital and ‘pre-admitting’. The hospital admits taht they have a huge amount of paperwork that must be filled out before admitting a woman in labor. So, they thoughtfully allow pre-registering in advance of the actual onset of labor. I don’t know how long we’ll be there, but it will be good to have that done.

That might be all I can manage to accomplish today. I’l like to do some laundry and cleaning.  But..i am not who I usually am.

Perhaps I can preaddress the envelopes that we will use to send the birth announcements. It depends.