Steps towards independence

We picked the 4th to finally feed Veronica solid food for the first time. Here’s the┬áthing though: the food was not anywhere near solid. The instructions are to mix this hyper-refined rice cereal with enough formula to take all the rice flavor out of it.

I’d never thought that rice had any flavor to begin with.

But other than the mixing instructions (which I decided were wrong anyway) I had no idea how to go about feeding her. Here is what happened:

The face she’s pulling is priceless. I couldn’t see it when I was feeding her. I switched sides and tried again:

She was a pretty good sport about the ordeal, and ate more than an ounce. But when I tried again the next day she was hungrier and got impatient. This spoon mechanism was really an inefficient way of getting fed, in her opinion.

Since the rice gruel really doesn’t taste different from her formula, I can see her point. Next time, I’ll try mixing the rice with juice and see how that goes over.