Thursday Birth Day Again

Feeling really good. I am actually starting to stay up and hang out a little bit after I put the muffin to bed. Last night I stayed up to finish making some soup, and download some photos.

For the past forever, I’ve sprinted through the evening tasks to get my head on my pillow as quickly as possible. But, now I guess I have faith that the night will lead to the next day and the next day will be livable. So I can chill a little bit.

That’s good.

Today, I’m wearing a skirt to work for the first time. Still doesn’t fit right cause I’m fat. But, what with the healthy soups, etc., that is changing.

Found a new toy off Craigslist for the great kicker. She loves it:
I think we’re going to take the muffin to IKEA tomorrow, just to see what she thinks of it.