reading references

Right now Veronica is really into Richard Scarry’s Storybook dictionary. ¬†Scarry knew what he was doing when he wrote a book.

The dictionary is full of story after story, all vignettes of this peopled community. I can’t possibly read the whole book, so I tell Veronica she gets to pick a letter. Some letters are longer than others. She prefers the long ones.

These animal people have a lot of interactions. Brambles Warthog takes a lot of care in his grooming, and Veronica always says “He is handsome.”

Mama Bear is always burning her cooking, and Dingo Dog is always crashing his car. I can’t help but think of Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas as I read all of their activities.

Then, we encounter the Three Beggars. Poor guys. Wolfson the wolf, Hahaha the hyena and Babooby the baboon. These guys are all waiting for Godot.

I can’t be the first to think this.