It’s just so exciting

The thing is, she learned about curling irons yesterday. Someone at the mall demonstrTed an expensive one. 

We did not buy that one, but I showed her the miracle of Amazon and we chose another curling iron

She was almost hyperventilating, she was so excited 

And at 2:30 AM She went to the bathroom. It woke us up.

I went to check on her. 


She had lost a tooth, which she hadn’t even realized was loose and tomorrow was day camp with zohreh and everything was SO EXCITING

I didn’t even bring up the curling iron

I tried to think about how to help her get to sleep. I tried to tell her a story, but she kept interrupting with relevant facts.

I made her get up and eat milk and a graham cracker. Then we watched doc mcdtuffins

While the show was on I tried to figure out how to do the tooth fairy. We are low on quarters.

When she went back to bed she checked on the tooth. I told her the tooth fairy might not have put her on the route since she lost it in the middle of the night

She thought the tooth fairy has spies that keep track of all the teeth

Just when I think her breathing is even, she rolls over

I wonder if I could rob her piggy bank to fund the tooth fairy?