how to get ready to travel the world

Veronica has been saying she wants to see New York City and Paris.

Me too. I’ve seen NYC, but not Paris.

In addition to getting her a passport, I need to help her get the hang of what it means to travel the world.

Ask yourself:

What does it REALLY mean to travel the world?

There are the amazing new sights and sounds; flavors, smells and shapes. The new ways of doing and seeing that lodge in your heart and add a new dimension and understanding to everything.

Yes. YES.

and also, there is the part where you travel on public transportation and walk.

And walk.

Don’t forget the museums. The feet aching museums.

I thought I would try to expose my daughter to some of these things.

We each have tomorrow off.

I thought I might take her to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. They have exotic and splashy art. For a first real art museum, this could be a good one.

She’s been asking to take a train ride. I thought we could walk to the train (WALK! Like World Travelers!) to the train station and go to downtown Union station.

Union station in LA is beautiful. I’ve always wanted to spend time exploring it. maybe Veronica would do that with me.

Then we could walk across the street to Olvera. It’s a bit like going to Mexico, visiting Olvera street.

You can see this is starting to be my favorite choice. Norton Simon can wait. We’ll be having tacos on Olvera.

Chris is worried that it will rain.

That happens when you travel the world too. We’ll bring an unbrella.