because I don’t scrapbook

Someone said I should make sure to capture the Veronica cuteness on my blog.

This era, right now – maybe the last week of July and all of August 2012 so far is really the ascendancy of cuteness. I like that she is telling me things.

One night, in the middle of the night, while she would NOT let me leave because I was Mommy and she was awake, she mused “Where does the sun go?”

I LOVE that question. I was leaning back in the dark on the chair in her room trying to think of a way of explaining the horizon of a sphere and orbiting. I didn’t answer because it was time to sleep. I look forward to answering.

But beyond her new curiousity, she is also bossing me. I should probably not encourage this, in the same way you should not let a puppy jump on your legs…because the 5 pound puppy *will* one day be 50 pounds, and that is a lot more meaningful jumping against one’slegs.

But she is bossy. “Be quiet!” she says .

We were at the store yesterday. I had walked away to select some produce…melon? Banana…? No, I think the walnuts were on sale.

But when I returned to the cart where she perched, she took my face in her dimpled hands and said “Mommy! You are not listening to me!”

I like your style, kid. “What do you want to tell me?”

And then she looked around and said a few things in Veronish. It appeared that the issuewas not what she had to say, the main point was that I should listen to whatever it was.

So we are dialoguing. And I like that a lot. Took a while to get here. I think it will last quite a while.