when did the thinking become a topic for books?

I’m talking about self-help books. Or books on a topic.

I love books, and I dont’ read a lot of non-fiction. Lots of people love non-fiction though. It’s huge!

Books for the pleasure o flearning, history books that are not textbooks. Or self help books
“How to win friends and influence people”

Is this an american phenomenon? I don’t know. I suppose I could


the internet is a very american phenomenon.

But. In literature classes about books…Sometimes they are novel, sometimes they are poetry,s ometiems they are plays.

But sometimes they are not.

Wasn’t greek philosophy that way? Plato and aristotle…haven’t read much of them but I know the gist is about thinking.

I think about the now, and what is the book of now that is going to be read a hundred years from now. I’m reading Ulysess..That might get read. But that’s almost a hundred years old!


What’s now? What is everyone reading now that will be rmembered so fondly? Franzen? …maybe…I kinda hope we can do better.

There are beautiful genre books. Mysteries…Romance…fantasy and sci fi…I’m not, but a lot of people love horror. Twilight?

I see a lot of people reading self help books. Aren’t diet books perennially best sellers?

can you imagine? oh my lord. Dr Atkins beign read as literature 100 years from now. No. NO I cannot.

But what is the shining pearl? What have we got?

What are we doing already? We can’t seem to stop writing writing buying books.