Veronica was sick on Friday night. Chris is sick..VERY cold and hot.

When he is sick, he somehow feels like helping me. it’s not that he doesn’t halp me when he is well, but there is somehting different about it when he is sick.

Maybe he is sick and watching me run around doing the perpetual motion dance that is life as a working mom, he thinks he should help. He is normally partially occupied with reading the paper to me or something else.

When he is sick he doesn’t have the focus to watch the lakers or read the National Review.

So he limps over to me in a sad pathetic voice and says “I’m sorry, baby”

THe first time I feel sorry back. but the 5th time I want to kill him.

FINE! BE SICK! but don’t interrupt me with apologies that you can’t help me. I know you can’t help me I am not mad about it. But to make me stop to listen to your apology is…well…not conducive. TO anybody.

Maybe this is more like when Veronica drags her rocking horse over to me and says “Horsey wanted to see you.”

It’s nothing to do with horsey. It’s more to do with wanting attention.

Maybe i should let go of Martha and go sit next to the sicky.

Could be worse.