Referent confusion

A couple days ago, Chris was in the living room holding Veronica and talking to her.

“You’re a good girl!” and such.

The cat was in the living room. He was hearing Chris and when Chris said these encouraging thing, he flicked his tail in the way he always does when being praised. I guess he knows that tone of voice. It’s for animals and small children.

We have had animals for a long time. Now we have a small child.

Couples usually have some sort of endearment they use for each other. “Honey” “Darling” “Sweetheart”

you know what I mean

Chris and I usually refer to each other as “baby” or “babe”

“Baby, thanks for making dinner”

“How was your day, Babe?”

So, when I say “Hi baby… how are you?” lately

Chris says “Fine.”

But I’m not talking to him.