the legend of the 12 hour sleep

Before Veronica was born, I picked up a book at the local bookstore:

The Baby Sleep Solution

It promised that by 12 weeks old, you could get you baby to sleep 12 hours a night. AND NOT WAKE UP!

This seemed like a sensible thing at the time. After she got home it seemed like they must be crazy.

However, last night that very miracle happened. My child went down to bed at 7-ish and woke up at 7:30

Yes, we did feed her three times in that period. But even two of the three she had to be woken up.

First, I think the nap actually HELPED her be more ready to sleep all ngiht

Second, I think she is letting us know that she’s almost ready to give up night feedings and sleep through the night.

Everyone kept saying: They grown up so fast!

But, I was stuck on slow. Now, since the feeding are happening every four hours instead of three…well…My days seem shorter. And now she’s letting me know, “Hey, I’m ready to go on to the next thing…Sleeping through the night and sleeping good.”

I didn’t do anything special to make this happen. Not really. She was just ready for it.

So, I bet…in a week she will have the habit of sleeping long and deep. And we might very well be giving up some of the night feedings…

NOW it feels like things are happening fast.