Exciting Day

We had a busy day in the world that revolves around Veronica.

To begin with, the afternoon was her two-month doctor visit. We were looking forward to this because we would find out how much she weighs (and more importantly, how much she’s gained) and how long she is. The downside: she would have to be immunized and get stuck with a needle.

But before we got to the doctor, she surpised me by not waking up for a feeding. I put her to sleep at 9:30 ish and she didn’t wake me up until 7.

No feeding all night! I woke up a little before she did, and thought about what to do. She cried at 7 AM. See, if she’d cried at 4 AM or even 5AM I would have fed her. But 7AM? I was going to feed her at 9….and I am trying to wean her off of night feedings.

I gave in and fed her a teeny bit. Maybe just a half-ounce. Then I stuck the pacifier in her mouth which seemed to satisfy her. I held her a little longer and put her back in the crib.

THAT is where the morning looked like most other mornings. I am determined that she shall learn that the crib is where she spends her time until I say (because I am the adult and I know what’s best for her). And I say that she can’t get up until 12 hours (or so) after I’ve put her down the ngiht before.

Which means that I have to go back into the room and comfort her, soothe away the tears and leave. Sometimes she cries as soon as I shut the door. Sometimes it can be 10 minutes before she starts again. Sometimes the soothing takes and she falls asleep for 20-45 minutes.

But the books say, wait for 5 minutes before you go BACK in and comfort her. For the most part, I do. And I believe that she will learn to stop crying on her own and stay in her crib from 9-9 (ish) every day.

So, today, I had to go back and forth for quite a while, until about 8:20 when the sleep took hold and she slept until 9:15


Then we had our morning constitutional with the dog up to Foothill and she was in a fabulous mood all morning. She took a tiny nap in her crib (laying groundwork for the morning nap habit I will facilitate after we get the 12 hours worked out).

Then feed her and go to the doctors.
Here are her stats:
22.5 inches long
9 pounds, 7.2 ounces

I forget how big around her head is, but they measured that too. What this means is that we have a skinny baby. I knew that already. She is apparently in the 25th percentile for weight. I will have to be careful to give her as much food as I can when I feed her.

The vaccines were painful. She cried hard for the first one, and HARDER for the second one. She was crying so hard she went hoarse, which made me cry too. I put all her clothes back on and hugged and kissed her. She fell asleep in her carrier, and I laid her down for a nap in her crib when I got home.

This time though, because I felt she’d had a hard day, I did not wait the 5 minutes to go comfort her when she woke up to cry. I sat in the room there with her for a while, which she likes, until she was fully asleep.

You can probably guess, by this long post, she is still asleep there.

Hmm…Let me see if I can put up a new photo of cuteness for my readers. Let’s see.

Here is her wearing a little hoody and she prepares to go to church on a rainy day. Yesterday, in fact, which was her birthday:

And this is aone of her having fun with Daddy:

It is hard to capture, but she is growing cuter and more adorable by the day.