many miles to go before we sleep

Well, after the exciting glimpse into Canaan, I am beginning to realize that the promised land of naps and long nights of sleep still has to be conquered before I can inhabit it.

After a successful shorter morning nap, I put my child down (following the cues of yawning and full-on nodding off) in her crib for the longer afternoon nap. She laid down and slept, but 10 minutes, then 15 minutes later required tummy patting and reassurances to go back to sleep.

A half hour went by, marvelous. I thought we were home free. I did my 8-minute Tae Bo workout, and was thinking of what other thing around the house I might do when I heard a cry.

Don’t rush. Let her get past it on her own. The books say wait 3-5 minutes.

I waited. She did sound rather half-hearted about the complaint. But after a good five minutes I figured I better pat her tummy and tell her it was okay to go back to sleep.

And so began a full meltdown. She cried full voiced for a half hour. Man, when she gets to doing it, she does not give up. Nothing was going to comfort her. I thought about getting the video camera to film this, just to prove to the grandparents that she does indeed have her moments.

Then she exhausted herself, took her pacifier and fell almost asleep in my arms.

PERFECT! I can put her back in her crib and have this all be part of the lesson of nap-taking.

As soon as I stood up, the eyes flew open. Drat. I rocked her for a bit, and they would not droop. So I sat down again, hoping to reach snooze.

And the screaming commenced again.

So, I take away that my kid is stubborn and fights going to sleep. I had my suspicions before, but this confirms it.

She was so wound up, I put her in her swing. That swing acts like opium…It has an instant effect, but it is not lasting once she’s off it.

But at least I can gather myself. Wow. What lungs.