It takes a little time sometimes

It’s been a little tough the last few days, trying to figure out what this child wants from me. She’s been moderately fussy, and when she cries for what seem to be long jags at a time, I really had nothing.

Like I told my friend, “She doesn’t know how to do very many things. She can grab your finger. She can look at her mobile. She can suck her pacifier. Other than that, it’s eat sleep and fill her diapers.”

I knew that at some point, babies were supposed to be able to imitate faces that we make at them. So i tried it. I stuck my tongue out at her. It took her a few times, but


it wasn’t just an accident either. Once she figured out it was our game she smiled and laughed when I put my tongue out.

It’s a whole new world.
veronica 3-2-09 004