Take baby steps towards a schedule

It finally dawned on me a couple days ago, while taking to a friend with three children of her own, that naps are a feature in a child’s life.

I’d been so focussed on food and NIGHT SLEEPING that I forgot the day.

So, my friend mentioned something about how her 18 month old hadn’t had a good nap and was therefore fussy. It took me a day to get the light bulb:

Babies take naps. Of course, I had noticed that my child sleeps during the day. But I realized I should try to make that a more regular thing, and in fact have it happen in her crib. Not in my arms, and not slouched in a baby chair in the living room where I still feel like I have to keep on eye on her.

So, this is day three of trying the afternoon nap.

I just put her down in her crib. Her eyes were very tired but not shut. However, I left and shut the door. I wanted to see if she would put herself to sleep without further holdings or intervention.

That was 20 minutes ago.

By the sound of the monitor (or lack thereof) I think she did it!

…it may be small in the history of the universe, but it is very big in my life…A self-sleeping child is a very handy thing.

UPDATE: It’s been and hour and a half! still going…