eclipses create community

We almost forgot about the solar eclipse, because we were barely back from our trip when it started.

I tried to look at it, but got spots in my eyes for my trouble. I thought I would walk the dog in the waning light to experience it as best I could.

Me and dog were taking a short walk, and we saw a lot of people trying to get a look at it. I said to everyone I met, “Happy eclipse!”

One man said, “You just missed it! The people over there had special glasses. Go knock on the door, you can take a look.”

After hesitating, I decided to go for it.

Julie answered my knock, and came out with extremely dark cardboard sunglasses. It was so neat to see! It was horned like a crescent moon.

i thanked Julie, and spent a little time getting to know her.

Guess what? Her astronomer husband is from Alaska.

EAGLE RIVER, even. Crazy! I welcomed them to the neighborhood, and said I would come back with some of my alaska stories.

“We come all the way around the world and meet aroudn the block!”

“Claremont is like that, ” she said.

I guess so.


Chris has climbed Mt. Whitney several times. Once, I limbed it with him. it took him a while to convince me to try.

He would say things like, “You climb it, and then you remember the experience and want to do it again. BUt when you are up in the altitude, gray and weak you don’t remember why you wanted to do it.

I am feeling that way about this trip. What were we thinking, to have two nights away from home with Veronica? She does not like being away from home.

Even when she is home, she sleeps abysmally poorly.

There is a woman with a three year old sitting here eating breakfast in the hotel breakfast room. She


She is perfectly made up. Her children are behaving very well. THe 3 year old sits an eats her fruit. THe six week old has a silent way of crying.

Can i hate her? TOO late. I already am.

Veronica did not cry last night. She just took a very long time to fall asleep. and it took me holding her hand and saying ‘Be sleepy. No kicking your feet, Lay down.” for an hour solid.

that doesn’t count the aproximate 20 minute long shifts Chris and I had been taking to keep her in her bed for the previous two hours.


Mother of two over there has a very flattering post-pregnancy shirt on that minizes the leftover baby belly.

Veronica went to sleep. But then I couldn’t. I had to listen to some podcasts before i could drift off. I fell asleep about 11:30

The i hear Veronica say “Look! Issa Bird!” Chris pops up and says, “Lay down now.”

IT was 4:30. Chris looks at me and says “It’s your turn. She’s been doing this all night.”

Well. She had been doing it all night. But she was going back to sleep after. NOW, she woke up for good. SHe hadda go pee pee. THen she had to ask if she could go sleep inthe crib, not the cot. THen she wanted to go back in the cot. But no, not this time, she wanted to sleep in the bed with me.

WHICH WOULD BE FINE except she was not sleepin. She was trying to chew on her feet. NObody is sleeping.

Chris left the room, and is sleeping on the pull-out couch.

It was his idea to let her go back into the crib.  Maybe I should embrace the fact that he never reads this blog and talk smack about him.

HE was the one who gave her the MP3 player that she wanted to hold instread of letting it play the sleepy music on the shelf. HE was the one who gives her whatever she wants regardless.

He said “Let her go back in the crib. She keeps asking for it.”

Three year olds ask for all kinds of things that are not good for them. AND she asked to leave almost as soon as she got in it, because it’s too small for her

Anyway, I get her back in the cot-bed. i Get her to lay down. SHe continues to wiggle her feet against the interesting cloth of the cot to make scritchy-squeaky sounds.

i think she kept doing that even when she was asleep. But it did eventually become clear she was asleep.

A bout an hour and a half later.

And I woke up about 7:30. I tried to sleep some more, but with both rooms beign full of tenuously sleeping fmaily members, I left to get the free breakfast.

And blog about it.

I think we need to find an overnight babysitter and leave on our own.