tipping point

I was describing recently, my last job. How when I arrived, the users were very skeptical of the conferencing technology i was serving up. But after I straightened it out, the heads of the firm were expanding their usage of the stuff and requesting me specifically.

I said, we came to the point where the people who used to say “THis never works!” would say, “Oh, ignore that little hiccup. This stuff works great.:”

The tipping point was when people stopped looking at a working model and seeking flaws and began looking at a flawed model and seeing that it worked. That makes all the difference.

But it is true in so many other things. Faith. Trust. Hang-in-there-itude.

This is true for relationships too. When I am friends with someone, and they are flawed as all people are. I have a good friend right now who is ignoring my email requests for us to get together. But that’s okay. I trust him. I know he is my friend and that he does indeed want to get together.

But there are times, sad times, when I have had to take a relationship over the tipping point and cut it off. Not enough benefit to the parties involved. When after a series of “Oh, she couldn’t have meant it that way” remarks. Or when there just isn’t reciprocation. Or a number of thing.

The tipping point heads it off into looking for reasons to find good instead of excuses covering the bad.

The Bible says love covers a multitude of sins. That’s what I mean. if you love something or somebody, the flaws are almost invisible. But in this life, it is possible to make enough withdrawals from the love bank to run a deficit.

When it goes into the red, and the 30-60-90 day grace period runs out. Then it takes a lot of deposits to get back over into the grace zone.