the time machine paused at…

So I’m up to the part in my blog where I went back to work after Veronica was born. I’m NOT to the part where she had to be hospitalized for not growing.

That was such a scary, shaky shuddery time, it’s hard to read about. But I wrote some good turns of phrases.

I write.

Looking forward to finishing the blog. Or to be more accurate, reading up to the current place.

history from beneath the heaps

One of my favorite podcasts is Radiolab. This episode starts out by describing how archeologists dug into the traditional trash pit of an Egyptian site and pulled up a bunch of papyrus.

The findings were amazing. Hundreds of boxes of papyrus with earlier versions of the Bible than anybody had ever seen, just for starters. Scientists have been carefully cleaning the scraps–which are described as a bunch of cornflakes–and piecing them back together to read the messages they left.

They have been working on this for more than a hundred years.

HOLY CRAP! I am imagining what a huge amount of information we are capturing and storing right now, on YouTube alone.

Of course, as I am finishing off re-reading my ten years of blog, I found this piece of history. Right before Veronica was born, I was waiting.

On January 18, 2009, I preserved for history that I SLEPT FOR ELEVEN HOURS.

My daughter is three years old. I have not slept that much for any day of her life. I don’t think it will happen again for years and years.

This could be the last recorded time in my life that I got a good night’s sleep. A really good night’s sleep.